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We've built a series of WordPress sites and themes, including The WW1 Centenary, a selection of themes and (at present) 21 WordPress Plugins.


We've built two Moodle plugins, including a twitter widget, and a xerte filter. We also know how to develop Moodle Themes. We've experience of Moodle administration as well.


We've built a series of Drupal sites, including Writers Inspire and two Drupal plugins. We have experience of Drupal theme development and setting sites up.


We've built a selection of BuddyPress sites (OpenJoyce and Huma Bird) and one BuddyPress plugin - BuddyPress Activity Graphs


I've built several chrome extensions, including Open Attribute and the Learning Registry.


We helped to develop one MOOC on Coursera, as well as working with a P2PU "Why Open" course and the Opening Ulysses MOOC


We've built a series of visualisations of Shakespeare, Middleton and Joyce. We also built several visualisations for The WW1 Centenary

Creative Commons

We've worked a lot with tools that use Creative Commons licenses, including the CC-license searching search engine Xpert. Open Attribute, and Kevin - a picture attributor

Open Education

We've helped build Xpert the largest OER site in the world, Open Attribute. We also worked on Open Education sites like The WW1 Centenary and Writers Inspire


We've built three Firefox plugins for Open Attribute

Open Data

I've built three sites on Open Government Data, Ebenezer, Ernest and Khosrow


We've built one Opera plugin for Open Attribute


We've built several facebook applications and ran social media pages for projects.

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OpenJoyce is a series of educational resources, visualisations, community, tools and open courses on the works of James Joyce


Warholgram is a site which allows you to create Warhol-like versions of pictures


Ruschagram allows a user to create artwork like the painter Ed Ruscha.


Philosofilmy is a site which allows you to make small movies online based on philosophical quotes. This was based around the concept not a lot of philosophy OER exists.

Open Attribute

I helped to develop the OpenAttribute project for Mozilla. Open Attribute uses RDFa or Micro Format licensing in a page and then displaying that

Huma Bird

Huma Bird is a digital humanities tool to help people research using digital tools to research text, twitter and wikipedia. You can see some examples here.


WW1C (World War One Centenary) was a Jisc funded project. My work involved the WordPress Theme and Plugins, as well as some visualisations

Why Open? MOOC

The Why Open? MOOC on P2PU. I helped set up the blog hub, and links site using WordPress plugins I helped to write and themes I developed.

Great Writers

Writers Inspire was a site developed with Oxford University to help show case Open Educational Resources.